Agricultural and food :
⦁ Our inspection services help shippers, traders, assess the quality, quantity and integrity of their products.
On behalf of our clients we want to satisfy ourselves prior to loading of the fitness of the cargo holds or containers for carrying agricultural products. We act as monitors of the loading, unloading and weighing operations, check the calibration of the scales and validity of their license plaques and draw samples for tests.
⦁ We offer is services to all agricultural market segment: from grains, pules, oilseeds and feedstuffs to liquid cargoes, sugar fetilizers and more .
⦁ Our agricultural inspection services include:
⦁ Vessel hatch and hold inspection, water tightness.
⦁ Loading and discharge supervision.
⦁ Supervision of weighing.
⦁ Tally control marking, bagging.
⦁ Draft survey and tank gauging.
⦁ Contractual sampling, samples preparation and sealing.
⦁ Handling and splitting of doc.
⦁ Fumigation.
⦁ Damage survey.