The services listed below can also be performed in conjunction with cargo inspection as described in other sections of this document.
⦁ Vessels
⦁ On and off-hire bunker and conditions of vessels
⦁ Draft survey.
⦁ Ullage survey.
⦁ Inspection of validity of certificates and cargo gear.
⦁ Condition of holds and tanks.
⦁ Determination of bunkers and stores.
⦁ ULD test.
⦁ Water hose test.
⦁ Pre-purchase.
⦁ Containers
⦁ Inspection of containers prior to stuffing and un-stuffing.
⦁ Record, tally and condition of cargoes during stuffing and un-stuffing.
⦁ Inspection of damaged containers and supervision of repairs and post-repairs.
⦁ Supervision during loading and discharge of containers from vessel.